Monday, May 17, 2010

What was the year?

Google and find out when history happened!

1. What year did Queen Victoria die?
2. What year was the Russian revolution?
3. What year did Ms Wheeler leave school?
4. What year was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan?
5. What year was the Treaty of Versailles signed?
6. What year did Titanic sink?
7. What year was Kennedy assassinated?
8. What year did World War One begin?
9. What year did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon?
10.What year did Princess Diana die?
11.What year was the Battle of the Somme?
12. What year was the Battle of Britain?
13. What year did the Cold War begin?
14. What year was Danny Knowles born?
15. What year did World War One end?
16. What year did Elvis record his first song?
17. What year did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?
18. What year did England win the World Cup?
19. What year were American troops sent into Vietnam?
20. What year did you start secondary school?
21. What year did World War Two begin?
22. What year did the Viet Cong defeat the French?
23. What year did the Falklands War begin?
24. What year did Hitler become leader of the Nazis?
25. When was the first Wembley Cup Final?
26. What year was the Queen’s silver jubilee?
27. What year did Take That split and the Spice girls form?
28. What year were President Regan and the Pope both shot?
29. What year was the Watergate scandal?
30. What year did Elizabeth II become Queen?
31. What year was the film Forrest Gump filmed?
32. What year was the Russian satellite Sputnik launched?
33. What year was the first talking movie made?
34. What year did Maradona claim ‘the hand of God’
35. What year did Birds Eye sell the first fish fingers?
36. When was the first episode of East Enders?
37. What World Cup year was Beckham sent off?
38. What year was the Triple Entente signed?
39. What year did Japan attack Pearl Harbour?
40. What year was Thomas the Tank Engine first televised?

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